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May 23 2018

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Pigeon 571

how are these pigeons so PERFECT aaaaaaaaa

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Like, you want janitors and McDonald fast food workers and cleaners.

You just don’t want them to make a liveable wage and have healthcare and be treated like proper human beings.  

People who work in an air conditioned office all day sincerely do believe that those jobs are both less important and not as exhausting.

a job being ‘exhausting’ doesn’t make it important, janitors and fast food workers are paid less bc their job doesn’t take any real skill - like basically anyone can do it

not everyone can be a lawyer or a doctor or run a successful business, those people worked hard and learned new skills and gained useful knowledge so their end job would pay more and not be physically exhausting

stop shitting on people who earned a good life because you aren’t being given one for free


I work in a hospital. It’s also the worst flu season in recent years in my hospital. You know whose job is one of the most crucial for EVERYONE, doctors and medical staff included? Janitors. Go ahead and try to have a safe working environment, ESPECIALLY in the medical field, without them.

Tell me, do you know how to best create a medically safe work environment? Because I sure as fuck don’t, but the janitors do, and they know this while being on their feet and performing manually exhausting tasks for 8+ hours straight surrounded by caustic chemicals.

Same goes for fast food workers. Do you have any idea how much knowledge and physical work goes into working in a kitchen? Wanna tell me you put out grease fires, what temperatures different foods are stored in, and how to keep a safe working environment for both customers and workers in a job surrounded by hot oil, ovens and chemicals? Not to mention, again, being on your feet for 8+ hours in a hot kitchen being yelled at by customers constantly.

I promise you that these people do a more difficult and oftentimes more important job than a large portion of office jobs I’ve been in.

Fun fact: In my neck of the woods, hospital janitorial staff union wanted a pay raise. Their workers were struggling. The hospitals laughed at them, so they went on full strike.

The hospitals were in crisis mode within an HOUR.

Surgical rooms were not being cleaned, toilets and patient rooms were not cleaned, garbage was not picked up, instruments that get reused were not being cleaned (i.e. scalpels, patient beds), laundry wasn’t done, floors were not clean, biohazard waste wasn’t collected.

The hospitals folded the next day and the union got EVERYTHING they asked for.

Now, you may not work in a hospital @purest-rain but wherever you do work, just imagine what might happen if… suddenly no one cleaned. No one picks up the trash in that fancy office. No one vacuums or sweeps, or cleans anything. Nothing. Not the toilets, not the offices. It might take a little longer, but pretty soon, those fancy law-offices look pretty gross, don’t they? Especially the bathrooms. I’ve cleaned bathrooms, I know exactly how disgusting people are when they use a toilet they don’t have to clean.

Stop shitting on low-wage workers just because you don’t understand how important their job actually is. You cannot simultaneously demand a service, while dehumanizing the person who provides you with it, and demanding they not be compensated fairly.

You cannot simultaneously demand a service, while dehumanizing the person who provides you with it, and demanding they not be compensated fairly.

The fact that so many people are getting so defensive about this is disgustingly sad. If you think “anyone can do it” then YOU do it. The job is necessary for your convenience, so fucking be a little more goddamn appreciative.

Also my mom used to be a hospital janitor in the 90′s. I remember her always having fun with her co-workers and my cousins who worked and still work there today cleaning rooms and supplies up. Where are those people now? Half of them are dead. A lot of them are exposed to shit that puts their health at risk on the daily, and those diseases or infections get to them. I remember one of my mom’s former co-workers had died in the hospital after accidentally getting his hand injected from a used needle.

May 21 2018



No matter how much you miss a toxic person, please don’t ever contact them again.. please. Don’t. It’s not worth it, you will be sad again regardless of the many times they told u it wouldn’t be that way anymore. You deserve nothing but happiness and it is not them.. You don’t ever need to feel drained and exhausted over a person

Real love will find u

May 20 2018


May 19 2018








Even as a big girl with small titties they design those bands for skinny girls. im a 38D My band always gets shoved down hard by my armpit fat and pushed up by my back fat creating a painful effect. You poor big chested women i cant imagine what those bands put you through

  1. what the fuck u sayin

Josh Brolin became a double villain because of the wrong bra-size?



i’m simple….this is my fav character dynamic




god pigeons have such good coos. theyre like horoorororo. i love it. it vibrates in the chambers of my heart and awakens my soul from a slumber that was far, far too long. horoorororo




i just found out merriam webster has a time traveler feature that tells you some of the words that were “born” the same year as you. it’s pretty neat yall should do this

I was born the same year as capslock… it has always been my destiny

I was born the same year as spam…………

May 17 2018

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All of us know this feeling, I’m sure.

(from “Lonely Author Pounded By Dinosaur Social Media Followers” by Chuck Tingle)

This is about @gakupoid I’m sure

it’s been 11 years since i last read the first ILuvHeijiHattori fanfic

Let’s never talk about those dark times again




everyone who writes their ‘7’s with a little dash through them had a conscious moment of truth where they actively chose to write ‘7’ in that way and never stopped doing it like if you can’t clearly recall that fateful decision wyd

i feel like this applies to a few things:

the thing is, I do all of those on the right. And I do it subconsciously to the point where I have to force myself to write the “normal” way for my kids or THEY WILL POINT OUT MY WRITING IS DIFFERENT. A kid yelled at me once during circle time for putting a line through my 7 and I cried inside. So no, I don’t actively choose to do the stuff on the right ;c;

May 16 2018

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The Greatest Showman (2017) dir. Michael Gracey

“ We light it up, we won’t come down
And the sun can’t stop us now
Watching it come true, it’s taking over you
Oh, this is the greatest show! “

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“largely” isn’t even correct. It was literally two guys initially, until a passerby stopped and asked what was going on. Then the white lady took a card from one of the first two guys’ wife (who had shown up ‘cause the first guy who had the grill was scared he’d be arrested and had his wife come over) and the wife wouldn’t leave the white lady alone until she returned the card, which she never did. The wife, btw, is white. The woman was literally trying to get two black guys arrested. Hardly a “largely black group”. Watch the whole mess on YouTube.

Anyway, if you’re from Oakland, they’re gonna have a huge cookout at lake Merritt in direct protest to this attitude. They said there was one on the 10th, but that was for 510 (Oakland’s area code) and they do that every year. The one on the 20th is the real protest cookout.

May 14 2018

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And then I died

May 11 2018



the first five emotes on your recently used emojis describe you as a person ready set go

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this girl is me

May 10 2018

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Can someone add a reference? Cause like I have no idea what this is referring to and I’d like to know but I don’t even know what to google

This isn’t about this specific sign, but I did find a boston globe article on it, basically a lot of apartments are having original tenants being priced out and then the apartments are used for airbnbs instead.


It wasn’t long after the Chinatown row house where Mei Qun Huang lived was sold for more than $1 million that she started noticing a steady stream of travelers using the first-floor unit. The family who previously lived there had moved out after the new owner raised their rent.

Earlier this year, Huang also moved out of the Johnny Court unit she had shared with her husband and three children for nearly five years — after her rent went up by 40 percent. Soon afterward, Huang heard the apartment was being used as a short-term rental.

Similar scenarios are playing out with increasing frequency in Chinatown and other Boston neighborhoods, according to housing advocates. They contend that the popularity of short-term rentals, such as those listed on the website Airbnb, has encouraged investors to buy apartment buildings and shun monthly leases in favor of more profitable weekly rentals.

Armed with a new study, Chinatown housing advocates are stepping up pressure on the city to regulate the rapidly growing industry, which they argue is contributing to the city’s housing crisis by removing long-term rental apartments from the market.

Advocacy groups, including the nonprofit Chinese Progressive Association and the Chinatown Community Land Trust, organized a march from Chinatown to the State House Thursday afternoon to bring attention to the issue.

“The issues of displacement and affordability and gentrification, we’re pointing to an industry that’s exacerbating that problem,” said Darlene Lombos, executive director of Community Labor United, an advocacy group that released a study Thursday outlining the rise in Boston of what it calls commercial short-term rental operations. “If we don’t get a handle on this now, it’s going to get away from us.”

According to the study by CLU, which is part of a national coalition with Partnership for Working Families, commercial Airbnb rentals are rapidly increasing in Boston. Sarah Jimenez, the study’s author, said she analyzed Airbnb Boston listings from December 2015 through November 2016 and found that hosts with multiple units made up 12 percent of all operators in the city but controlled more than 28 percent of the listings.

Some of the listings came through corporate entities that control anywhere from a handful of units to more than 100, according to the study.

“There’s a lot of evidence that speaks to the financial incentive to convert rentals to short-term rental units,” Jimenez said. “Boston is one of those cities where short-term rental revenue is greater than the [annual lease] rental cost.”

A spokeswoman said Airbnb welcomes regulation of the short-term rental industry but disputes the claim that the platform is hurting Boston’s long-term rental market.

Last year, 42 percent of all of Airbnb’s listings for entire homes in Boston were for homes that were rented out for a total of less than 30 days, and 68 percent were rented for less than 90 days total, according to a company report in March. About 6 percent of the listings were rented out for more than 270 nights during the year.

“As income inequality continues to be an issue for cities like Boston, we hope that rules around home sharing protect neighborhoods and allow residents to continue making supplemental income to make ends meet,” the company said in a statement.

Some cities, including New York and Portland, Ore., have instituted a “one host, one home” Airbnb policy, but such an arrangement has not been negotiated in Boston, according to the company. Cambridge officials in August adopted short-term rental regulations mandating that a host may rent only their own home and one other unit in the same building, provided that it has fewer than five units.

Lydia Lowe, director of the Chinatown Community Land Trust, argued that investors with multiple Airbnb listings in the neighborhood are essentially operating hotels in areas that are not zoned for that. She called on city officials to shut them down.

“We’re not trying to stop the [short-term rental] industry, but we should not be taking housing away from long-term residents when we’re in the middle of such a displacement crisis,” Lowe said.

Housing advocates have recently detected an increase in Airbnb listings on Johnny Court and Hudson Street, as well as in a strip of row houses on Oak Street, she said.

“They can rent them from $800 [a week], where before [units] like that would be rented for $800 a month,” Lowe said. “That’s what’s driving speculation — a dilapidated little building will sell for $3 million.”

The housing advocates who organized Thursday’s march said they want state legislators to pass a bill filed by Representative Aaron Michlewitz, a Democrat whose district includes Chinatown. Under the legislation, individuals who rent their homes would be taxed at a lower rate than commercial hosts, who would be assessed at a higher rate than hotels, Michlewitz said.

“We feel [commercial] hosts are directly impacting the housing market,” he said.

just to add on, this sign is specifically from San Francisco as it’s mentioned the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes. The thing is airBNB is displacing a shitload of families from the area because people buy up the housing market and rent them out to tourists. This is actually an issue all over the Bay Area, but most specifically in the city and Chinatown itself because tourists just don’t stay in hotels anymore. An apartment in SF itself will not be cheaper than $3k for a one bedroom in the ghetto, and anything better than that will cost so much more. It affects my hometown here in Oakland as well, as the cost of rent is so high that our town is getting gentrified like crazy because only the rich can afford to live here anymore, and we original residents that have lived here for decades are moving out of town in droves ‘cause we have nowhere else to go.

May 08 2018


Every SU fan watching “A Single Pale Rose” like:

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