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Mexico’s ski racing uniform wins the Olympics.

As soon as I saw him I knew I had to know more about him. Besides having the best uniform, Hubertus von Hohenlohe, Mexico’s only athlete at the Winter Olympics, turns out he’s quite a character full of surprises.

- He’s a 55 year old German prince whose grandfather, Kaiser Franz II, was the last Holy Roman emperor. He was born in Mexico, that’s why he can represent the country
- He is fluent in five languages
- An artist himself, he friended Andy Warhol at Studio 54
- He is the heir to an automobile fortune. His father introduced Volkswagen into Mexico
- He is a musician who has put out eight records so far, including this 2013 track “Higher Than Mars”
- He will be the second-oldest winter Olympian in history when he hits the Sochi slopes in his mariachi-inspired uniform.

Mind blown.

you are forgetting the best parts.

musician? try pop star who goes by the names Royal Disaster and Andy Himalaya

artist? he’s a photographer who once had an exhibit titled “It’s Me!” Guess what it was about…

and he was born in Mexico because his family “always wanted to have one member of the family [who was]Mexican,” he says. “So they chose that I was going to be born in Mexico.”

lookit this BAMF

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